To inspire Jews to do “Teshuva, Tefilah U Tzedaka” and to facilitate opportunities of Chesed (acts of kindness) and Tfila (prayer), thus bestowing hope, love and unity within Am Yisrael.

In Memoriam

Poem written by Miri Grunhaus on the shloshim of our 3 boys

UTeshuva, Utefilah, UTzedakah Maavirin et Roa Hagzera!

On Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur we say Netane Tokef, which ends with the following powerful statement: "Uteshuva, UTefilah, UTzedaka Maavirin at Roa Hagzera " (Repentance, Prayer and Charity will mollify the bad decree).

What do we do on a regular basis to ensure that the bad decrees will be removed and actually turned for the better? The Pasuk is very clear, we need all three components.

Aneini (answer me) was established to encourage and give opportunities for Am Yisrael to implement these acts in their daily lives.

The Gemara teaches us that "Kol Hamitpalel Baavur Chavero, Tfilato Neana Tchila" (Those who pray for their friend, his prayer will be answered first). Am Yisrael is a unity, not separate individuals, we are intertwined, and Aneini’s goal is to give opportunities for us to live as one.

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