Hafrashat Challah — A Woman’s Special Mitzvah

The mitzvah of Hafrashat Challah (separating Challah) is one of the three Mitzvos (commandments) which are uniquely given over to women to perform. The other two are (1) lighting the Shabbos candles and (2) Taharas Hamishpacha (Laws of purity).

The medrash tells us that when Sarah Imeinu (our mother) passed away, three special miracles ceased to exist. These three are the cloud that hovered over her tent, that her candles stayed lit from week to week, and that her challah remained fresh all week long. The three parallel the three mitzvos that are uniquely women’s.

The Mishna Berura (Chafetz Chaim) says that when one bakes Challah, it is a way of honoring the Shabbos and brings Bracha (blessing) to the house for the entire week. He speaks very strongly about the importance of women making their own challahs.

When women separate the dough and recite the Bracha, it is an auspicious time to pray for special requests such as requesting health for those needing refuah, praying for those who need a shidduch, or praying for couples waiting to be blessed with children.

Rebetzein Batsheva Kanievsky A"H also stressed the importance of baking and performing Hafrashat Challah. She suggested to many women who visited her to perform this special mitzvah to receive their own Yeshuot.

We hope that by visiting this site you will be inspired to bake your own challas and make Hafrashat Challah.

We also hope that you will join our challah group (click here to join). Our Challah group provides names of people needing Yeshuot, so you can pray for them while performing this beautiful mitzvah. We strive to get a minimum of 40 bakers each week.

May in the merit of your prayers for others, all of your needs be fulfilled for the good.

Miri Grunhaus