To inspire Jews to do “Teshuva, Tefilah U Tzedaka” and to facilitate opportunities of Chesed (acts of kindness) and Tfila (prayer), thus bestowing hope, love and unity within Am Yisrael.

The story behind our Challah Group

In 2010, my neighbor fell ill with breast cancer. She was only 37 at the time.
When I received the news, I felt as if a knife cut me in the stomach. I felt I had
to do something, but what?

I decided to gather our local women and bake Challah and make Hafrashat Challah in her zechus (merit).

Today, Baruch Hashem, Esther Bas Sarah is doing well and raising her 3 adorable children.

Monday after we baked for her, I received a call from our Shul’s Rabbi, who forwarded to me a request he had received from a woman who lived in our town but was not a member of our Shul. The letter said that although she doesn’t belong to our community, she heard that gathering women to bake and make Hafrashat Challah was a big Zechus (merit), and her sister was barren for years and they really wanted a baby. Could the rabbi help to get a group together? The timing of this letter was a bit symbolic for me. I felt that this was a message. There are a lot of people needing Yeshuot, and it was my job to continue facilitating the process, providing hope, unit, and the Tfilot (prayers) in their merit.

That lady, whom today is one of our bakers, got pregnant immediately. Her baby girl is "our first challah baby".

What is this all about?

Achdus (Unity).

I like to tell the story of when my daughters wanted a dog, and I really didn’t want one. Each one asked for a dog individually, and I said no. Until they outsmarted me. They called me for a family meeting. All of them together sat me down and begged together. Next thing I knew we were the proud owners of a new puppy. It’s hard for parents to say no to kids when they ask for something with a united front. That is what this is all about in simple terms.

Hashem seeing his daughters getting together and asking for Yeshuot for Am Yisrael. Women who never baked are now making Hafrashat Challah on a regular basis. Women who do not keep Shabbat or Kashrut but heard about this project are baking regularly. Women are inspired that they can do something for others; they can have their special time and connection with Hakadosh Barchu (G-d). They matter. Am Yisrael Matters.

I encourage you to participate in our group (or another group - there is no competition!). I promise you that you will feel empowered that you are doing something for someone else. You will feel good to give the families hope, and you will be inspiring your kids, friends, and neighbors.

Please spread the word. Encourage your friends to visit our site and sign up. This is a Chesed opportunity you can do at the comfort of your home, its free, and you and your family will enjoy your challahs. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Timing - In order for us to be a real group and do this in unity, we must do this process within the same 24-hour period. The time is from sundown on Thursday thru Friday.

You may prepare your dough earlier on Thursday but the time of Hafrashat Challah must be after sundown. If you want to check what time sundown is at your location, I recommend myzmanim.com.

To sign up for our group, please click here.


Miri Grunhaus

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